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What is a career coach?

A career coach applies his or her professional experience, skills, and training to support you in achieving your short and long-term career goals. A coach can help you discover your purpose by examining the intersection of:

  • What you love to do: Your passions or your sense of purpose

  • What you are good at doing: Your skills and talents

  • What you can be paid for: Your employability, or your "value proposition"

  • What the world needs: Your alignment with the needs of others, the market, and the world

Once these intersections have been identified, a career coach will help you design and implement a plan to secure a job that is aligned with your purpose. 

What does a career coach do?

A career coach helps you identify and articulate your unique skills, professional interests, and personal values as they apply to your desired career. Using industry-tested tools and techniques, a career coach supports you during your transition from college to your first job—and beyond. 


A career coach will help you clarify your career goals, develop a plan to achieve those goals, and work with you to overcome any challenges along the way by asking insightful questions, offering actionable remedies, and providing accountability. 


Working with an academic tutor, SAT/ACT test prep tutor, or college admissions counselor is similar to working with a career coach. But your time with a career coach will have a more holistic focus and a deeper, longer-lasting impact as it engages you to consider not just your present capabilities but also your long-term goals and ambitions. 

Why should I work with a career coach?  

There are many reasons why people hire career coaches. This Business Insider article written by Shana Lebowitz provides an insightful, first-hand account of her experience working with a career coach. 

Why should I choose Career Ready Coaching?

All of our coaches are highly trained and maintain credentials from the National Career Development Association (NCDA) or the International Coach Federation (ICF). Our coaches are required to complete continuing education courses and adhere to the highest professional code of ethics, so when you work with the Career Ready Coaching team, you are working with consummate professionals. Our coaches are encouraging and empathetic—we were once college students too!— and eager to support you as you make this transition from one life stage to another.

What type of training does a career coach need?

The coaching industry is unregulated; individuals can call themselves a “career coach” even if they have no formal training or experience. However, at Career Ready Coaching, all of our coaches are highly trained and maintain credentials from the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and/or the International Coach Federation (ICF)., the two leading organizations in the industry of career coaching. Both organizations require rigorous training, provide continuing education requirements, and hold their members to a code of ethics.

How do I begin working with Career Ready Coaching?

Begin your process by signing up for a free 30-minute introductory call. During the call, we will learn all about you! Your hopes and dreams, your professional and financial goals, and your talents and skillsets. You can ask as many questions as you’d like, too! This is a great time to get to know us and learn more about our process. Then, if you determine that Career Ready Coaching is right for you, we will schedule your first coaching session. 


Parents are also invited to sign up for a 30-minute consultation to learn how Career Ready Coaching can help their son or daughter launch a successful, rewarding career.

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