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Coaching Process

Our process is focused on creating an actionable plan for your job search, and we begin with a laser-point focus on your goals. What do you really want from your next job and your long-term career? It is critical that the goals you set are your own and not determined by anyone else. We can help you identify the ambitions that are important to you.


Once your goals are clearly established, our next step is to work with you to develop a plan—a roadmap for launching your career that defines measurable outcomes and a specific timeline. Our coaches provide accountability and support to help you make trackable progress toward your goals.


You and your coach will work together as you craft and follow your roadmap. As you move ahead, you may make adjustments to your goals, priorities, and target outcomes. It’s important to remember that making changes to the roadmap is not the same as losing sight of the road altogether. As you work through your plan, your coach will help you to remain agile by course-correcting with intentionality and confidence.


Overview of the coaching process:


  1. Define and prioritize your career goals

  2. Develop a roadmap to achieve your goals

  3. Navigate the roadmap and arrive at your goals

Define and
Prioritize Goals

1. Define and prioritize your career goals

1. Define and prioritize your goals

Your coach will help you clearly and fully articulate your goals, and prioritize those goals in a way that is objectively measurable. It is critical that you own your goals and not allow outside influences to impose their goals on you. Only you can determine what you want to do with your post-college life.

During your coaching process, your coach will help you assess


  • Your current level of career readiness

  • Your motivations to succeed

  • Your level of confidence to land your dream job and enjoy the career you’ve always wanted


This assessment is critical. It provides clarity and focus, and it answers these essential questions: Where are you today? Where do you want to go next?


a roadmap

2. Develop a roadmap to achieve your goals

In this step, you will work with your coach to develop a detailed plan that establishes a timeline for each milestone. This plan will take into account your other time commitments, such as schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and other daily responsibilities. Your coach will also help you to identify the resources currently available to you, and those you may need to acquire. 


The result of this step is an actionable plan that guides you from where you are today to where you want to be in the weeks and months ahead. Having a solid plan will bolster your confidence and efficiency as you pursue your dreams.

Navigate the roadmap

3. Navigate the roadmap and arrive at your goals


This is when you put your plan into action by securing an internship, landing your first job, or accelerating your trajectory on the best career path for you. Your coach will support you in this stage by providing accountability, suggesting creative advancement strategies, and devising solutions when challenges arise. You and your coach will identify and practice the skills you need to be career-ready, including networking with professionals, interviewing with a personable and informed demeanor, and navigating nuanced business dynamics.


Your coach may also employ tools and assessments that are widely used in the career-development industry to help you gain clarity about yourself as a professional and identify preferences in roles, occupations, and industries. These tools and assessments are designed to reveal your interests, values, and skills.


One result of this step is a greater awareness of the ways in which you can contribute to a job with substance, and how you can maximize your personal interests and strongest talents in the workplace. You’ll learn how to engage with professionals and hiring executives in a manner that demonstrates your ability to contribute in strategic and innovative ways.


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