How a Micro-Internship Can Help Your Student Find Their Ideal Job

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It's well known that internships are an important part of your student’s career development process during the college years. Internships provide many benefits including the opportunity to explore potential career paths, gain exposure to new fields and industries, acquire marketable skills, gain valuable work experience, and begin building a professional network.

In recent years, the concept of a “micro-internship” has emerged.

A micro-internship is similar to a traditional internship except they're shorter in duration (typically 1–4 weeks) and are often project- or task-based. Some examples include producing social media content, generating and qualifying sales leads, and conducting market research.

While micro-internships predate the COVID-19 pandemic, the current situation has accelerated the development of these opportunities.

Advantages of Micro-Internships

In addition to the benefits of a traditional internship, micro-internships have several extra advantages that are highly desirable.

1. Try Before You Buy

Through micro-internships, your student can explore multiple industries and organizations before investing their time in a full 10-week summer internship. By focusing on several different micro-internships between September and May, your student can get the most out of their next summer internship.

2. Flexibility and Timing